My first trip since BC (before Covid) – heading to South Africa!

This is a strange day, my first international trip since BC (before Covid). I am always excited before new adventures. Ok, to be honest, I’m always excited and also a little bit scared of the uncertainty of going to a new place. After 2 full years of the Covid pandemic, I was more balanced between excited and scared this morning. That is, until the rearing blue horse at Denver International Airport came into view.

Suddenly I couldn’t breathe and I felt overwhelmed. My love, Andrew, took my hand as tears filled my eyes and told me what I always tell everyone else, focus on the excitement. My breathing slowed and my eyes cleared. Of course he was right.

I literally could not have a better first international CC (Covid continuing) journey. I am flying to Johannesburg, South Africa to spend a week with the incomparable Victorine Mbong Shu. Together we have co-edited a book called Motherhood Honesty, an anthology that contains stories and poems written by 28 women from Africa, Asia, and the North America, that we will launch on March 8, International Women’s Day.

Making this book a reality has taken just over 40 weeks from call to completion, roughly the time it takes from pregnancy to the birth of a human child – I love the poetry in that!

I am so excited to meet these women who I feel I know so well through the openness and integrity with which they share their experiences of motherhood loss, triumph, failure, success, and choice. I have worked with them as we have edited their stories and now as we prepare for our launch event. I anticipate many hugs, dancing, and a few tears when we meet.

Life is such a glorious adventure and I am dipping my toes back into world exploration with this short, one week trip to South Africa.

Life is to be lived, mindfully, and with care, but also fully and openly. I am grateful to be traveling halfway around the world to a new country for me, to meet women who already feel like family and friends!

One response to “My first trip since BC (before Covid) – heading to South Africa!

  1. Marcy Troescher

    Wishing you a wonderful trip full of joy and new adventures! South Africa is on my bucket list! 😘

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