Dear Senator Reid – GET A GRIP!

As a long time Nevadan and recent transplant to Kansas, I would like to express the sincere and deep displeasure of myself and many Americans with the sorry state of the U.S. Congress. For the first time in a long time democrats have the majority, have the capacity to make real change to benefit the American people, and have failed to show the leadership necessary to carry that change through. Unfortunately, historically this has been too often the case.

The opposition utilizes clear, concise (often blatantly erroneous if not flagrantly false) statements to support their positions. The democratic response is to pretend these are reasonable claims and to try to answer them – illegal immigrants covered under the reform plans, euthanizing your granny, the list seems endless. What the democratic leadership and the democratic members of Congress NEED to do is state clearly what they stand for and work for real, quality, necessary change, not chase phantoms designed to distract, dissemble and disable quality initiatives.

The democratic desire to compromise on basic principles is flawed and futile as evidenced by the Senate’s inability to support a public option in health care reform. The American people gave President Obama a clear mandate by both electing him and giving both houses democratic majorities. The American people in poll after poll have told you they want a public option in health care reform. You are squandering that mandate to the disadvantage of the American people. You are not acting in the best interests of the American people.

Get it right, Senator Reid. You are wasting the capacity you have as Senate Majority Leader and it is the American people who will ultimately pay for this.

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